Friday, September 28, 2012

Out and About Atlanta in September....

The unsuspecting Mary Beth walks into the studio, not yet realizing that Claudio Campos is lying in wait, about to capture the crazy, "1776" post-show hair, forever for posterity....

September has been an extremely busy, and incredibly fun month for Caló Theatre!....

We held auditions for actors, for "Once Upon a Christmas in Olelucia", and we are thrilled to welcome our new cast members:    Austin Thierry, as the French Ambassador, Tony Smithey as Prince Celestin, Kevin Wilson as Don Faustino, and Eugenio Beltran-Aguilar as the King of Olelucia!    Bienvenidos, and welcome!

Professional Actor and Costumer, Tony Smithey, joins the cast as Prince Celestin.   Isn't he cute?    He's going to kill me when he sees this photo...

Actor, Playwright, and World Traveller Austin Thiery is cast as our French Ambassador.   Apropos, no?

 Kevin Wilson, Flamenco Singer, Musician, and Dancer, will be playing the role of Don Faustino. 

Eugenio Beltran-Aguilar says "It's good to be the King!"

On September 15th, members of the Caló Theatre Company performed at the Atlanta Opera Ball, at the St. Regis Hotel....

Loly, Carlos, y Malita
The Fantastic Five:   Carlos, Kevin, Loly, Nicolai, y Malita


In addition, our Stage Director and Company Dancer, Mary Beth Morrison, has been performing the role of Abigail Adams, in "1776", at Dorsey Studios.    This show also features two of our actors, Tony Smithey as Richard Henry Lee, and Austin Thiery, in the role of McNair.   The show runs through October 7.    For show information and tickets, please go  here.
1776 photos by Rick.   For more information about Rick and his photography, please go here. 

Mary Beth, with David Parlier as John Adams
Tony Smithey, as Richard Henry Lee

Mary Beth, with Austin Thiery, and cast.

 And of course, rehearsals continue for Olelucia!     Here is a behind-the-scenes look, from our ongoing rehearsals...  Many thanks to our sweet gypsy "prince", Claudio Campos, for his wonderful candid photos! 

Loly and Cara

The Princess shares some gossip with Dulce, the maid. 

Dear Claudio,   I have great respect and admiration for your art.   But if you could refrain from taking pictures of me while I am in mid-sentence, with my mouth all pursed-up in a ridiculous way, I would be ever-so-grateful.   Your loving stage director, ~Mary Beth.
p.s.   Did I mention no more crazy hair pictures??

Malita keeps the compas for us....

The Royal Court of Olelucia....

The ladies-in-waiting dance...

Pretty maids all in a row... 

The ladies of Olelucia

Princess Adelina tries to sweet-talk her way out of trouble, but Dona Petrona isn't having any of it!
 Princess Marcelina and Dona Veronica

The reality of being a dancer is, sometimes you have to take the bad with the good.  

But you persevere, and it comes out all right in the end. 

We have a lot of fun at rehearsals.   I always think that one of the most important things about staging a production, is that when you look back on that time, it is with warmth and affection, and you know that it was worth all the hard work and sacrifice!


Thank you for taking the time to share our world!    Please check back soon for more updates!

Article by Mary Beth Morrison.   Photos by Claudio Campos, unless otherwise indicated.