Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Special Encore Performance of Sueños Andaluces: A Night of Poetry, Flamenco and Duende! January 26, 2013

Back by popular demand!  Caló Theatre Company presents "Sueños Andaluces: A night of Poetry, Flamenco and Duende!" for one more ENCORE performance.

Sueños Andaluces is a show that fuses the powerful poetry of the legendary Spanish poets García Lorca and Rafael de Leon with the rich artistry of flamenco to create a truly poetic experience that brings out the best of both art forms. With the flamenco baile of Las Hermanas Belloso (Cara and Malita) and Gloriela "Loly" Rosas, the soaring guitar of Guillermo Maduro, classical viola and piano from Rachel Gorwitz and Mary Beth Morrison, evocative poetry recitations by Clara Azcunes de Ojeda and Edwin Ortiz, and flamenco cante by Kevin Wilson, this will definitely be a show that any lover of the arts will not want to miss!

Previous performances of this show sold out.   We highly recommend that you purchase tickets in advance!   For tickets, click here.

Sueños Andaluces: A night of Poetry, Flamenco and Duende

Sunday, January 26, 2013, 5:00pm
At the Horizon School Theatre
1900 Dekalb Avenue, Atlanta, GA  30307

Proceeds from this show will help us bring "Wonderland" to the stage, May 2014!

The talented cast, from left to right:   Clara Azcunes de Ojeda, Rachel Gorwitz, Marianela "Malita" Belloso, Kevin Wilson, Cara Belloso-Wheeler, Gloriela "Loly" Rosas, Edwin Ortiz, Mary Beth Morrison, Guillermo Maduro.  
Photo Courtesy of Eugenio Beltran.