About Caló Theatre

Caló Gitano is a professional flamenco dance company and academy that was founded in 2001.

Since its inception, Caló Gitano has grown to include dancers, musicians and performers from around the world, performing flamenco throughout Georgia and the Southeast.

In 2011, Caló Gitano ventured into uncharted waters, with their sold-out theatrical show, "Raíces", a multi-media production that included song, dance, theatre, and visual effects.

The success of the show prompted the Company to move in a new direction - creating the new Caló Theatre Company, with Malita Belloso at the helm as Artistic Director, and her sister, Cara Belloso-Wheeler, as Assistant Choreographer.   Mary Beth Morrison joined the company as Stage Director, and Jerry Fields as Music Director.   Our first, full-length flamenco musical show, "Once Upon a Christmas in Olelucia" opened in late November 2012 to sold-out houses.  This production featured a full complement of dancers, actors and musicians, all from the Atlanta area.   In May 2013, we remounted "Raíces", with new music and dance numbers.    The show was a hit, with full houses and sold-out shows every night!

Our next show, WONDERLAND, is currently in development, and will be coming to the 14th Street Playhouse in May 2014.

We are very excited to bring flamenco, in a theatrical setting, to Atlanta!

Bienvenidos, and welcome!