Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes of WONDERLAND!

The world premiere of WONDERLAND is ten days away!   Here are some photos from our rehearsal on April 19th, with partial set and props, and no costumes...   

Special thanks to Erik Voss for these WONDERFUL photos! 

 For show times and tickets, please go here.

The talented cast of WONDERLAND:  Front row, left to right:  Andrea Sucre, Isabella Sucre, Juliet Belloso-Wheeler, Audrey Ekoue-bla.   Standing, left to right:  Andi McAfee, Mary Beth Morrison,  Anailza Cordeiro, Luciana Araujo, Kevin Wilson, Rachel Gorwitz, Claudio Campos, Rachel Trignano, Gloriela Rosas, Marianela Belloso, Maki Hashimoto, Emilia Lopez-Mateos, Cara Belloso-Pinto.   Not pictured:  Gianne Lee

The Garden of Live Flowers
Advice from a Caterpillar.

The Cheshire Cat explains to the mice that she doesn't intend to eat them.   But the mice just aren't buying it.

"Oh do hurry up, Dormouse!   The White Knight will be on us at any minute!" - The Mad Hatter

Tweedledee has a toothache.

Tweedledee explains logic.

"It's a very poor sort of memory that only works backwards..." - The White Queen

My striped stand-in for the Cheshire Cat, at the Unbirthday Picnic!

"Why... it's my Unbirthday too!"   "And mine"  "And I have an Unbirthday today as well!"   "There ought to be presents...."
"And do you know why?" ...."No, why?"   - Red Queen, Red King

"THERE WERE NO TARTS!"  - The Red Queen

"Give your evidence, and don't be nervous, or I'll have you executed on the spot..."   The Red King
A Game of Chess
A Game of Chess

A Game of Chess
Fin de Fiesta